Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

NMS Solar is committed to post sales customer service. Our accurate planned maintenance operations maximize system uptime. We have the technical know-how, broadly supported knowledge and several years of experience in solar photovoltaic systems. In the event of an unexpected anomaly or failure, our team of highly qualified technicians is on hand to advise NMS Solar customers on the phone. The service team can troubleshoot and correct malfunctions either by remote diagnosis or by sending a technician directly to the site to get it back online with the minimum delay. NMS Solar endeavor is to always be available for customers with advice and support. All requests are answered rapidly, frankly, and directly.

NMS Solar has trained workforce that undertakes efficient operation and maintenance initiatives and services post installation of the Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) system to ensure that plants are generating power as efficiently and cost effectively as possible throughout its lifecycle. We have specialized experience in metering and monitoring of project performance. NMS Solar believes in solid customer service and long term customer relations.


• Cleaning and wiping of solar panels using fresh water. Water to be provided by customer
• Visual inspection of modules and mounting clamps
• MC4 connectors
• Check modules for any broken glass/discoloration, misaligned modules

• Visual inspection of mounting structures, screws and fasteners
• Tightening of screws and fasteners as needed
• Check for rust

• Checking and tightening of solar inter connections
• Visual inspection of junction boxes and wiring
• Tightening of any interconnections as needed